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Terms and Conditions

By purchasing one of our clinics or sessions you acknowledge, agree and understand that: 1. Voluntarily and of your own free will, elect to allow listed athletes to participate in our clinics and sessions. 2. You understand that there are certain risks and hazards involved in participating in volleyball that may result in injury or death to players, including, but not limited to those hazards associated with playing conditions, equipment and other participants. 3. You understand that the very nature of the game of volleyball is hazardous and risky, including, but not limited to, the acts of shooting, throwing and catching, running, jumping, stretching, diving, and collisions with other players and with stationary objects, all of which can cause serious injury or death to players. 3. You release, discharge and agree not to sue the club, the coaches, the court owner or other entity designated, for any claim, damages, costs or cause of action which a player have or may in the future have as a result of injuries or damages sustained or incurred by a player from whatever cause including but not limited to the negligence, breach of contract or wrongful conduct of the parties hereby released. You acknowledge that you have read and that you understand each and every one of the above provisions in this waiver, release of liability and indemnification agreement and agree to abide by them. You also understand that, although unlikely, clinics and sessions are subject to change.

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