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Our Mission and Purpose

Our goal is to expand our athletes knowledge and depth of the game. It is our goal to get them as ready as possible for next level volleyball. At our most basic level, we teach different offenses and defenses, different setter rotations, positions and what each position's role is, blocking, hitter transitions, and how to hit the floor properly.  


We are a competitive club. This means playing time will not always be equal. It will be fair and based on earning a spot in practice and pool play. 


We are devoted to our athletes and in working hard with them in both practices and tournaments.


We believe in building relationships with our athletes and in coaching from a positive-feedback-mentality. We create a fun, open and welcoming environment! Our goal is to lead in such a way that our athletes fall even more in love with sports




  • Attitude and effort above all! 

  • We expect positive and encouraging comments between players. 

  • We expect you to be adaptable. Your role may change based on the needs of the team and on what is best for the team as a whole. 

  • Club is a commitment. Your coaches have committed to practices and tournaments for the season, we expect you to do the same. Playing time will be affected by missed practices and tournaments. 

  • Sportsmanship! We will show good sportsmanship at all times! This goes to the parents as well! In tournaments, kids keep score, do not yell at mistakes. The coaches will figure it out. 

  • Parents, please do not sit behind the bench during tournaments and coach your child! Encourage and cheer for them!

  • Parents are asked to not come to our practices. I assure you that our coaching staff is qualified and treating your athletes well.  

  • Please decide as a family before tryouts, if the possibility of your athlete not playing as much as others  is worth the cost to you. 

  • You must obtain an AAU membership prior to tryouts. (Clubs to associate with your membership: CF-Valley Volleyball, or, CF Valley Basketball)




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